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Oaxaca is the capital city of the equally named state and a very popular destination for backpackers and Holiday goers alike. The Oaxacan cuisine is one of the most significant ones in Mexico and many are taking the opportunity to learn traditional recipes at the source of mole sauce, queso Oaxaca and hot chocolate.

As many travellers have told me would happen, I spend much more time here then I had intended. In beautiful weather I was wondering through the lovely, colourful old town, enjoyed the sunshine on many roof tops, in cosy cafés and visited quite a few of the countless galleries in town. All over the city many small art galleries and different workshops can be visited ranging from photography to surreal painting.

I would especially recommend the print galleries, some of the studios have created a map where you can collect little prints from each gallery upon visiting. I though it to be a very enjoyable and connective way to visit the eleven places across the city hunting some of them down in small back streets. There are always artist working away in the studio and are happy to have a chat, so it became much more than just looking at art but connecting to the artist community in town.

little map of city around it little prints in different colours

Also, the textile museum was worth a visit since Oaxacans have a history of beautiful embroidering techniques decorating cloth and textiles. For more information on events, Exhibitions and live music I found the page quite helpful.

In different parts of town there are smaller or bigger markets with very good prices fruit and veg, regional foods, sweets and all sorts. Oaxaca is the state of chocolate and on every corner, vendors offer traditionally prepared milk- or water-based cacao. The second thing always available for a few quid is the famous mole sauce.

The city has a chilled, active city vibe but especially on the weekends people let loose and party in many clubs, bars and live acts. I very much enjoyed a Friday night in a little gallery opening where there was plenty of mezcal to go around and a blast of an atmosphere, this I was told is a regularly enjoyed thing to do.

purified waterfall reaching down with clean white walls, little pools on the top mountainy forest in the background

Close to Oaxaca there are different places of interest for a day tour. Not limited to but including the ruins of Mont Alban, Mezcal distilleries and loads of bicycle tracks. Purely stunning was the purified waterfall Hierve El Agua. The view onto small pools left at the top, at 1700 m within a beautiful mountain range and the huge Waterfall set in stone is impossible to describe in its appearance. You should give yourself enough time for the rural ride there in the small open back cars and to take in the scene fully without thinking about how to get back.

On top of the many eco, artisan and city markets, every Sunday one of the biggest market of the state is setting up in the neighbouring town Tlacolula. The stands spread out along all strrets around the central market hall, and you can find anything here.

The abundance of cosy cafés, bakeries and lovely art scene as well as the many activities around the area, the great affordable food and the whole vibes is powerfully inviting for backpackers to stay calm for a while. And even when just traveling past on a short trip, you should give yourself a couple of days here, I haven’t yet met a person who didn’t love this city.