About Me


Hey, Hey ...

I am wandering this world since 1996 and had countless beautiful, horrible, lonely and communal experiences. All these and everything I encounter, aware of it or not, have made me the person I am today and will continue shaping me for my time being. “Where there is willpower, there is a way” and “I always have a choice” are principals I found true and very powerful in my life, as I am widening my horizon and am presented with bigger things in life a third principal has incorporated “you can do everything, but you don’t have to”.

A mission in my everyday interactions with people and when I am ready maybe on a bigger platform is it to cultivate a practical tolerance in the way we speak and through that, think and behave. I can personally advocate for this by openly speaking the truth about anything from my needs to my struggles, about the experiences I have made, the thoughts that form me and the underlying structures of it e.g., my personal ADHD, depression, polyamory and privileges as well as the societal patriarchy, capitalism, religion etc. While I think anything should be possible to discuss when the need therefore arises, I believe we need to pay attention to how we communicate with others and even ourselves and be aware of the situation to make sure there is room for the conversation. The more we would practice this truthful open conversation the freer and more open the room for community would get. So, I try to do my best to benefit that.

I love to travel and live around different cultures and people, to discover and explore countries, get to know different ways of living and study life in general.

Thus far I spend time in Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, France, Spain, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Greece, Denmark, England, Scotland, Monaco, Australia, Columbia, Mexico, Brazil, Morocco, Western Sahara, Portugal

And there are many more to come because I am ever longing for new impressions

The most important thing for me on my travels is it to come as close to the local culture as possible, going to a 5* resort that you cannot and do not have to leave not my cup of tea. I concentrate on learning a bit of the local language, the way of life and the societal flows always keen to get to know something new.

While dancing through the diversity of life on this earth I am hoping to some day find a place to be for a while and build up a proactive communal project that’s been tingling in my mind for some time now.

My collection of photos is trying both, storing the memories for me and people I shared those moments with and at times having the power to awaken emotions and wonders in curious observers.


I have a collection of Lyrical pieces to share, that reflect some of my days wondering this world and my thought triggered from within and without to whomever might enjoy it.

Traveling has shown me so many deep impressions and beautiful moments. Some pass through my writing into pieces with different emphases and styles. I collect and share them to be enjoyed by whomever might find interest or inspiration in it.