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A country that has been high up on my list of places i wanted to see for quite a while. Hearing about the absolute different culture, spiritual richness, tasty food, and overall unique experience traveling this country i was keen to go see for myself and go dive into the Yoga teachings deeply by enrolling a teacher training course.

It surely is a special place with everything, and I mean everything… it is a lot, it is intense, it is rich, it is unique…

  • Longing for the ocean and the beach we raced down the long way from New Delhi to Goa searching for a place where we wouldn’t have to think about where to go next and how to get there every day.

  • Sitting in the back of the collective tuk-tuk starring out onto the dark road and forest, just that little handle dangling in front of my face I felt like I was sitting in a rollercoaster. The squeaking of the engine

  • Having obtained the E-Visa for India, I was not allowed to arrive to the country by land border from Nepal but had to fly in. A Travel agent in Lumbini had told me that there is apparently an E-Visa that