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What world do we live in ?

Humans seem to be intelligent beings, abundant in pride and singleness but in the hearts, there is a longing to follow the dream of breaking free and moving on.

My latest pieces

  • Morocco

    I want to emphasise that I’m intending to share what my personal perception on these topics was. During overall seven months I tried to get as diverse an impression of the country as I could and did see many different sides of it. Starting with the warm welcome from Ahmed and his Family in Agadir ,I then roamed through the surf hotspots Imsouane and Taghazout, bigger Cities on the bottom of the usual itinerary such as Meknés or ElJadida  and went to places like Essaouria and Chefchaouen, as well as traveling with my local male partner all throughout the country.

  • Keeping this awareness, an open heart and mind, and not to get caught up in thoughts, emotions or the dwelling on unreachable things. To keep up and evolve in this open conscious perception of ourselves and everything we relate to. It gives ultimate freedom as well as responsibility and power over ones life and the things happening in our inner and immediate reality.

The path i have documented:

A mission in my everyday interactions with people and when I am ready maybe on a bigger platform is it to cultivate a practical tolerance in the way we speak and through that, think and behave.


What is my intention on this website? what is there to find?

It is a very personal collection of written words and taken pictures. I decide to share what inspires me and touches my soul. I do not direct if to a certain goal of what I want to trigger in the community but rather want to share what I am privileged enough to discover and what comes out of me processing my experiences.

In the section Travel, there are all sorts of posts about places and areas I have visited with different focal points from surf to personal process. Small stories or longer reports from around the world varying in style, thought pattern and intention.

“My dream to travel the world without limits and holdbacks has been growing for years and I am presently in the process of fulfilling this dream.”

Traveling has shown me so many deep impressions and beautiful moments. Some pass through my writing into pieces with different emphasises and styles. I collect and share them to be enjoyed by whomever might find interest or inspiration in it.

me and my brother on the steps in cologne old town center