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On my travels the first impression I get of the place is very important. How inviting is the atmosphere, how friendly are the people?  Arriving in Tepotzlan it was one of these places where everything just seems to happen smoothly.

Even though the City was mostly booked out over Christmas, I found a cheap room right in town after talking to a couple of people. As I was walking through the center, I met an incredible friendly local who took me to a beautiful place in the surrounding mountains. Up there presented itself a stunning view upon Tepozteco pyramid, the nature all around Tepotzlan is breath taking but while tracking you need to make sure not to get lost on the many little paths as orientation is quite difficult.

Looking at the place spiritually, it is said to be the birthplace of the god Quetzácoatl and furthermore part of the triangular constellation with a high spiritual power and meaning. Big parts of the surrounding mountain range are rich in quartz. In town there are ritual sweat lodges, yoga and meditation meets and a wide range of vegan and pre-Hispanic food items to be found. All these aspects make this mountain town great destination for all those seeking a quiet retreating time.

I myself came here for those exact reasons and to start the end of the year with good energies which was an intense and very satisfying experience. I spend five days in the small and abundant town, and it stuck with me as a unique time. Every day merchants build up the big, central market offering artisanal crafts, local produce and all sorts. Within the food stalls you can also find a variety of pre-Hispanic kitchens and especially on the weekends many tourists from Mexico City come down here and roam the alleys.

Most infrastructure is concentrated on the two main roads, one connecting the country road to the village and the other leading east from the market towards the villages along the national park. On these settled most of the restaurants, shops and a large number of massage and wellness places some of which organize Temazcales, a traditional sweat lounge ritual.  In the smaller alleys off the main roads  lay many guesthouses and local businesses.

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