About Me

two people in swim ware grilling fish on the beach

Zipolite is kind of similar to Mazunte, a small hippie- beach- town with small bars, plapas and colourful artisan crafts. But Zipolite is separated in two very different extremes. To the west there are resort like big hotels, there is a vivid night life attracting locals and travellers from the whole bay area. Towards the east there is a calm authentic hippie vibe, along the clothing optional beach there are many campgrounds some of which also have a few Cabañas for rent, and no one bets an eye when you are smoking a big splif on your naked sun rise walk.

Early in the morning, when the fishermen return, you can get the freshest sea food and fish to grill on the fire and walking along the beach is the main activity enjoyed here. This is an amazing place to open up your soul and let it soak up nature, happiness and sunshine.

Puerto angel is very popular with the Oaxaqueños (people from Oaxaca). There is a lovely quiet bay, perfect for snorkelling and a big fishing culture. Other than that, I though it not to be a very impressive town, the centre is not pretty, and the nights are quiet. I spend one night here in ta little bay and was awoken early in the morning by tour guides and businessman renting snorkelling gear and their clients. Coming here after Zipolite is seemed like an ugly unpopular place without anything special to offer.