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I only did a quick stopover of two night in Guadalajara and since it is the second biggest city, I can’t really say I know it. But here is what I experienced in the short time.

As stated, the city is huge, also the bus station is far out the city itself and when I arrived at night there was no connection into town. It was a stressful, uncomfortable situation that presented itself there and I had to take an expensive taxi to the hostel. Looking at maps there are four bus stations in different areas of Guadalajara before I got on the bus, I had no idea where exactly it was going, and I advise therefore to talk to the bus driver about where to drop you. Maybe due to my troubled arrival I could not enjoy the city very much. In the historic centre there are tons of squares, churches, Statues and a huge market, all of which are listed in countless sources. While I wondered through the busy city, I most liked the area Americana, here I found smaller streets and squares as well as cosy cafés and restaurants. Most nightlife is happening along Chapultepec, during the day the street is filled with stands of artists selling their crafts and little eateries and at it turns into a fiesta.

A popular activity to engage in in Guadalajara is a tour to Tequila. Honouring the name this is the place is the main producing region for blue agave of which the distilleries on site produce Tequila. There are many options to visit the distilleries and town. I went with a small group from Guadalajara, the tour was in Spanish and so I did not fully understand the process, but the Farm was beautiful to visit either way. 1519 is farming and distilling under certified eco standards. Finally, we got to taste their different types and could discover, that even more significant than with whisky, the ageing process has a major effect on the spirit.

Agave plant

Before heading off I spend a night in Tlaquepaque, a district near the bus station, from which I was planning to take the bus out. It has the feel of a small town and is especially enjoyable on this Sunday. The main road had been blocked to be used by pedestrians and cyclists strolling around town. In the main square, decedents of a variety of tribes had gathers in traditional costumes, some were performing dance and music while a little further, in front of the big church some kind of big celebration was held in honour of the holy guardian of the area.

The small streets were decorated and lined with stalls, musicians, museums and cafés. This was by far my favourite part of Guadalajara, and while the bus station is still kind of far it is much easier to get there from Tlaquepaque.