About Me


Leon isn’t the most pictures city, but I happened to be here twice to my travels. On my travels from San Luis Potosi to Guanajuato I spend the night and took a little stroll around. The old town is quite pretty and full of life, especially around the central square. Within the centre lies Templo Expratorio Diocesano del Sagrado Corazón Jesús, a huge neo-gothic church which was built over the time of 100 years, finishing construction only in 2013. In the afternoon people of all ages met up in front of the church for some salsa dancing, they had brought a sound system and musicians and created a beautiful scene.

Also, whilst staying in Guanajuato, I went to León for the day of the hot air balloon festival happening annually over the course of three days. Each morning hundreds of people watch the rising of around 200 balloons and when they return on the trucks at night. After a howling welcome to the pilots and teams from many different countries, they set up they ships again and celebrated the day with music dance and a lightshow. All over the big field Flames lit up the colourfully created balloons following the beat of the live music on stage.

With a friend, I hitchhiked from Guanajuato to León and from the city we had to take another car to the festival grounds. When we were trying to get back at night it was hard to find some space to leave the festival area hundreds of people were trying to get home or onto the grounds to set up camp and watch the balloons start in the morning, we managed to get a taxi out of the chaos and hitchhiked back to Guanajuato. It was a beautiful experience but maybe it’s worth spending some more time here to enjoy the full charm.