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Since I have a very dear friend in Monterrey, I took it upon me to go to this far off city in the northeast of Mexico.

Taking the conclusion up front, I felt like this city was mostly occupied by upper class people. I has a lot of popular attractions to offer and an abundance of things to do but in between I found myself in an industrial major city with more cars than can fit the streets.

I noticed a lot of high-class shopping malls, whose impressive architectures dominate the skyline. The huge Parque Fundidora concentrates activities for anyone. There is an ice ring, cycling paths, museums, town fair carousels and rollercoasters, an outdoor cinema and much more. The Park itself is free to enter but all the attractions ask for a pricy entrance fee.

On the weekends the old town of Monterrey is full of people strolling through the street fairs or markets and enjoying themselves in one the numerous bars and cafes. Also, the villages nearby are worth a visit when in the area. They are super rich in culinary specialties and beautiful colonial buildings. One day we went on an excursion to Santigao, maybe 35 kilometres from Monterrey and had a lot of fun. All throughout the mountains many trekking paths can guide you through beautiful nature.