About Me


The evening I met Costa on the cliffs in Imsouane I could not even imagine what connection and adventure would arise from this encounter. During the next week living the chill Imsouane life we manifested and figured out an amazing trip to the Rainbow gathering near Zagora. Costa is one of the most open, connecting people persons I had the pleasure to meet. He brought together the five beautiful humans to go. Dave shared with us his Van for transportation and accommodation which added much comfort and ease to the journey. Though we got stuck twice, the car was super reliable and our beautiful, shared living space for the next week. Anja brought so much joy and energy to the dynamic of the group being caring and communicative to keep us sane. Having the goal to arrive before the full moon in February we started two days before to give us enough time for the twelve-hour drive, passing Taghazout, Agadir, Zagora and from there trough the dessert towards the Algerian border.

up on the sand dune looking across the plain into the sunset

In Taghazout the Van got sat on a rock in the parking lot and it took us till the following mid day to free it and continue driving. Many eager locals and finally a traveller with a strong truck help us out in this lucky accident. It made us spend a night in town, hanging out at the hostel and meeting Max the next morning. This energetic, young dude was a great addition to our Rainbow family, Costa had invited him and he spontaneously jumped in the car after we got pulled out by the truck. The five of us continued the slow drive to the gathering; some sleeping in the bed, some admiring the landscape, chatting on the floor, music vibing, sharing snacks and stories. The drive went quite smooth but especially on the last part of the journey it was very useful to check our planed route with locals to make sure roads are open and paved so we would be able to pass with the van. Also keeping the fuel checked and on good level would be a tip for anyone putting themselves in a similar experience. We ran out one night and had to sleep on the side of the road in a village because our chances to find a gas station around in the dark were very slim, but the small dessert village was very peaceful, and I felt save and even kind of happy about this unexpected surreal situation.

We just about made it to the full moon as we hoped, arriving around noon to find the camp in silence. We got greeted outside on the camping area by some brothers and sisters happy to break it, introducing us to what the day might bring. The first time I walked into the camp, quiet and reverent in preparation for the full moon energy, Ayman, dressed in a white jillaba greets me with a long loving rainbow hug, grounding me and opening my awareness for the place and present. I took in the surroundings before settling in meditation at the fireplace.

The Rainbow community is a mystic family and this being my fist contact with it I can not yet fully comprehend the depth of it. A more or less random group of people, who at least agree in one point. Wanting to life a freer more communal life than possible in most societies today. The general understanding that everyone is taken as they are and welcome to connect with anyone they feel comfortable with on a respectful family level also helps overthinking introverts like me to feel part of the group while keeping individuality. We shared skills, thoughts, food, rituals and energy, my experience is reflected in the following poem.

sunset from the upper village looking over houses and the ocean
view down to colourful courtyars, people chilling
Days of connection, love, community and experience
Dropped into a space of sharing, caring, exchange and communication
Everyone is circling around the fire place, around each other
Under the starts in the dessert on this freed land
as all land should be, and as are we
there is no need, a connection for everything,
tea on the fire, food circle now
how love and connection can change a person
and the energy of free community carries in the vibration
of music, drums and songs, the chatter and laughter
and the long loving rainbow hugs
we are reflections in a coconut tree
singing with the birds and swimming in the sea.

Leaving Dave in the dessert to fulfil his transformation in the rainbow community he gave us the van to get back since Max and Costa had to go to the airport and Anja and I back to Imsouane. Also, Ayman hitched a ride intending to go to Casablanca for a documentary project but him and I ended up living an unexpected, lovely van life for the following week in Imsouane. During jam sessions, town walks, time with Anja and other old and new friends we stayed in the energy of the rainbow gathering living a slow, abundant but simple life. The magic of the rainbow took us north to Essaouira for a few days. In the town Diabat there were people from the gathering staying at one of the guy’s hostels. Gerald had joined it a couple of years ago and during Covid they decided to keep it for the use of family and friends only. Here we created a small community with vans filling the parking lot and some people staying in the house, sharing food, rituals and processes in an intimate and calm environment. The spirit of individualism and community at the same time was strong and I very much hope to cross path with many people from here and the whole rainbow world for many times in the years to come. These people are scattered across the entire planet always moving, seeking connection and spreading love and I believe anyone connecting with just a small part of this spirit will feel the need for more of it in the world.

I am not even trying to foresee how this experience and these connections will influence my life. Though I am more than grateful for everything and am exited for new experiences in this community and others. It is great to see life being lived by beautiful people in an incredible world through acceptance and appreciation.