About Me


Trying not to dwell on it or get stuck in negativity I realised, that human interaction and connection was lacking in the course of my last days. Well alright- seemed the answer coming to me- I will have to open up my attitude and move through town open and aware of connection and interaction. And I went feeling comfortable and with open exited heart I ventured, after having a tea and little chat with my flatmate, out into the little town full of people with free spirits of some sort. In front of my house, I greeted the jewellery maker and decided to engage into a quick chat about the surf – given he was clearly coming from a morning session- I walked over and just like that I had two friendly interactions before having left the house. Not wanting to go into detail of every encounter that day, I am noting here, the power of conscious shift unfolding through awareness of ones needs and the acceptance and openness for this shift.

I once again have experienced great divinity in a new clear way. How it is possible, am I partly going insane and over imagining my powers over my life through awareness, I do not know, and I do not wish to contemplate it.

Just remember if needed it does happen and it is not yet effortless but possible and abundance lies within, and it is mine to live.  

In this consciousness I feel connected with people around me. I have courage and motivation for interaction (and though this was in Morocco, so I had to be careful about too open an attitude flowing around not to invite carelessly) I feel content, more connected and taking care of myself, not over doing or pressuring from the feeling of lack of something, wanting to quickly fill a hole. Softly turning and shifting towards what I feel the need for, letting it happen and opening up my heart and being for welcoming it whenever it is supposed to manifest.

Keeping this awareness, an open heart and mind, and not to get caught up in thoughts, emotions or the dwelling on unreachable things. It may be a never ending training, the actual, pure practice of life itself. To keep up and evolve in this open conscious perception of ourselves and everything we relate to. It gives ultimate freedom as well as responsibility and power over ones life and the things happening in our inner and immediate reality.

Freedom because it concludes that you are truly the creator, so everything and anything is possible as when manifested from within.
Responsibility because it makes clear, that no one but you can correct and guide the course of your life.
Power because your own limits are the limits of your reality and therefore you will always have everything within.