About Me


With ease, shall I live in the moment

Accept what is and not feel sorrow through it

What good is the question if not asked

To those whom in question

Just as long as the water flows

People may come and go  

What good is the tear if the missed

Is not in the range of your heart in the now

The ones not willing to roam in my realities

Can not dictate the construct of these

And as I am living in the present of the present

I do not want to give capacity to dwelling and imagination

Talk to me or I will be free

The space I hold is reserved for meaningful connections

And while you’ll always be remembered and this always

Counts for something, the feelings move on and

Up in the air, through everything that energy transforms

Some I might keep within, what and how always accounts of the energy we had

Some will now and for always be given to the surroundings

In the form of stories, reactions, rememories it flows throughout,

Some you might keep back for yourself

Taking your teachings, experiences and memories.

And some will transform into new connections and relationships

Maybe one hour or one day into a new one with you

But for the now, the moment, that what is

I will hold my space and you will hold yours

For each will be there in their life with their shit 

Fucking men piss me off, Imsouane 13.01.2023