About Me


In several situations in the short time, I spend in this area, I was surprised and majorly impressed by the supporting and welcoming manner of the Yucatecos. When I was seeking shelter from the rain with a mate we weren’t even hiding underneath the tree for a minute when the door across the street flung open and the woman signalling us to come inside. The whole family was assembled in the small room and quickly organised two chairs and offered us drinks and snacks. Even though we didn’t speak any Spanish at this point it was clearly understandable that they just wanted to offer refuge from the weather and were a little amused that we got caught out maybe.

In another incidence I was at the bus station and couldn’t quite figure out how to get to the city centre. Before I could decide to ask for help an elderly lady had picked up on my confusion and kindly told me which bus, I was going to have to take. She pointed towards the one in question when it arrived and as she got on before me, she had already paid for my ticket and sat down smiling at me like she enjoyed this just as much as me. I witnessed many situations in the streets where the members of any generation were practising this naturally supportive manner. The way locals respect and treat each other as well as tourists made me feel super safe in the Yucatan and I enjoyed my time there very much.  But still the masses of tourists coming here in a disrespectful manner and cities putting up capitalistic facades for them made me avoid most of the peninsular.