About Me


Waking up to the sounds of rain on the sheet metal can be something beautiful. Trough the cracks of the little cabin I’m staying at, I see big drops of rain pouring down onto the already soaked green grounds. I am enjoying the mood in this little open shelter. Just big enough for a queen size mattress, gaps open up between the wood panels and two metal sheets making a pointy roof. Cuddled in my sleeping bag I can hear the different sizes of raindrops playing a song. It seems like I am right out in this nature and yet sheltered just enough to be comfortable.

Then, while I write these words, the song suddenly gets quieter, and the sounds of rain are overpowered by the static sough of a near by stream. It’s save to open the petit door for a while without getting soaked, and to gaze into the beautiful jungely backyard. Massive trees reach up, up, up, vegetation of all sorts come together in the big open space around and creates something magnificent.

I came to this inland part of Brasil to tour some of the waterfalls and jungle beauty but that will have to wait till tomorrow. Here, most waterfalls are guarded, and you will have to pay a small entrance fee to get to the ‘circuito des aguas’. But the six young guys hanging out in the little house in the middle of rainy nowhere, would not let me try on the slippery walk to the waterfalls.

While walking the almost deserted town you could still feel what a good vibe, beautiful place this is. The rain, low season and pandemic set heavy marks on the liveliness of ‘arrial do sana’. The music stages, little shops and eateries and also the few people I encountered in the hostel and town all seemed to have more in stock than they were sowing these days. The artisanal market was practically closed and after dark, the town went to sleep.

Into the jungle

 “Should I stay or should I got now?” is the question running my mind yet another time. But the next day, four busses and a whole day of travel to get here, payed of.

As I open my eyes, sunlight brakes through the cracks of my cosy cave and I can hear birds and the nearby stream running calmly.


For around 2,50 € I am granted entry to the trail leading around several waterfalls along the river Sana.I couldn’t quite find the signs to get on the right track, but at least after detouring for an hour on a nice walk that was just lacking waterfalls, a committee of five smiling guys from the ticket “office’” awaited me at the diversion. They enjoyed the mistake and showed the way towards the different routes in the ‘circuito dos aguas’ where numerous pools and waterfalls are accessible.

The track follows along the riverbank changing between muddy, narrow jungle pathways and wider red sand roads. Most of the waterfalls and steps are quite shallow which is perfect for refreshing a little at a rest or on the walk.

While there are surely summer days, that will give the place even more beauty I appreciated this quieter, kinda mystic time with ultimate green nature there to be explored without too many people.

In the low season I think this is an amazing little place to wind down, be with nature and yourself and just to enjoy the chilled vibe of ‘nothing much to do but it’s beautiful’. Get food in the little local eateries, track trough the jungle and town roads, definitely stay at camping da Praca and just be, till adventure takes you to a new place.