About Me


It has been six months since I moved from, the now awfully dismal seeming Manchester, up north to Scotland. It is a beautiful city with loads of history, culture and stunning views. Some of my favourites about this place I want to share but have not nearly spend enough time here to know all the gems of the city and surroundings.

I loved the view of the castle especially from the east end of princess street. At dawn the skyline of the old town and castle on top are illuminated in a peculiar scene. The architecture with its different levels on which the city is build can be made out and gives an even more unique scene.

Beautifully lays Warriston and the firth of Forth’s coastline in front of you when looking down from the beginning of Broughten Street. When I first arrived in Edinburgh, I saw this view and thought I might like this place, and I very much did so.

To get the best view of the castles south side I recommend having a lock over from Oz Bar in the heart of the old town. The little rustic bar with Australian vibe serves local beers and provides two billiard tables is a nice place to hang out itself and when standing in front of the door you get a lovely view of the castles back side.

I bunch of pictures places can be found in Stockbridge, along Leith Water and Dean Village. Especially beautiful is the Sunday Market time in Stockbridge, a range od snacks and drinks, artisanal foods and art is offered in little stalls next to the river. I enjoyed some days here, got myself a coffee and strolled up the river along Leith Water. After about 40 minutes you will reach Dean Village with pretty, little streets and stunning architecture. I would advise you to get lost in the small cobble stone streets and if that tickles your fancy, to check out the Gallery of Modern Art for a full day of culture and amazing impressions.

Edinburgh the city with highest number of bars and clubs in all of Scottland, there are around 465,000 residents as I am writing this and more than 730 establishments with in-house licenses in Scottlands capital. Therefore, it is mere impossible to visit them all and determine which one would be the best. From the large number I have visited in my first six months here I could probably name a favourite in every street but that would get excessive, but I will give a small selection.

Theatre Royal Bar: first of all, I have to mention the Theatre Royal Bar. In the past six months I worked here, and it has a special place in my heart with all the great memories I made here. It is a very cosy, typical Pub. In the cold winter months, there are open fires burning in the fireplace and there are some big booths ideal for groups of up to 15 people. It serves typical Pub foods like Haggis, Neeps & Tatties, Fish & Chips, Burgers and changing specials from a great chef. The selection of beers, gin, Whisky and other spirits is huge, and the prices are average for the area. On big screens all important sporting events are shown and the Team is always friendly and professional, sometimes a little hungover and if respected always helpful and in a good mood. (Situated at the beginning of Leith Walk right next to the Playhouse and Omni Center.)

Black Fox: Only a few hundred meters down Leith Walk is the Black Fox located, a very cosy, modern Bar. The atmosphere is calm but alive and the open kitchen prepares simple street food style dishes in great quality and fair prices. They prepare the classic cocktails with passion and creativity, and I very much enjoyed the slushies in ever changing flavours like Sauvignon-Blanc-Passion-Fruit or Cherry-Banana-Rum. (Situated in the middle of Leith Walk, a few meters from the legendary Pie-Shop)

El Barrios: Away from chilled after work drinks and relaxing cocktail nights there is El Barrios, which I must mention after numerous fun nights here. As the name suggests it is a Latin-American themed bar. During the week even more they play Salsa, Reggaeton or Latin-American Pop, anyone enjoying dancing close or to Columbian rhythms can have a good time here, regardless of if you come with a group, by yourself or with a dancing partner. For me it was the top place for drinking tequila & Desperados and dance until the music stops, the rhythm and loose vibe lets you forget about the outside world. (Situated on Hannover Street in the new town).

Whistle Binkies: It is a night for the leather jacked and rock’n’roll boots the place to be for me would be Whistle Binkies. Every night of the week there are more, or less well playing bands on stage. Depending on your mood and taste, you can eighter dance wild with the crowed in front of the stage and sing from the depth of your soul or find space on the tables in the background and enjoy the vibe. It can be a place for stag and hen dues, the first or last stop on a night out or just a couple of beers and chats. Here you can meet People from all ages and ways of life who come to take their mind off the routine and let go. (Situated close to everything on the corner between Northbridge and the Royal Mile).

If you want to go out in Edinburgh you can’t really go wrong if you are not looking for a certain place, it is easy to just go with the flow of people hoping from one bar to the next then as mentioned the ration of bars in the city is higher than I have ever seen.

Just as diverse as the nightlife are the restaurants, museums and overall activities. Especially in the last four months I grew to appreciate and love this city. The weather is seldom perfect, and I needed a while to get used to the Scottish accent but there is always something happening and even after year of living here would expect to be able to find something new always. When in season in February, the whole city is out and about every weekend for the six nations rugby games and when spring hits there are numerous festivals and events are put on throughout the city and will slowly warm you up for the Fringe. In August the place is bussing in all squares and corners from the Fringe Festival, heaps of Buskers, Comedians, Musicians, Street artists, Theatre and all sorts of art can be enjoyed. During the same time the famous Royal Military Tattoo is held at the castle, attracting many tourists and nationals. During the winter months People come to Edinburgh for the Christmas markets and cozy pubs, all over the city little Spaces pop up where you can enjoy the cold weather with Buckwine and bonfires.

Three more Gems in the City:

The Pie-Shop: I have never enjoyed a visit to a bakery as much as to this one. The small unattractive shop on Leith Walk has peculiar opening hours I never fully understood but I always found it open when needed. Scots love a pie and that’s all this little shop sells, stopping here in early morning hours provides a delighting scene of people stopping on the way to the airport for business, locals taking their dogs on night walks, groups on their way home after a night out and night owls with cravings for pie.

Carlton Hill: While every website and travel guide recommends climbing Carlton Hill to see the view and monuments on top it is a very nice place. Locals come here to enjoy a couple of beers in the sunshine or now, in the winter, to build snowmen and go sledding.

Fireside: This varying and unique place opened its doors for the first time lest season and has grown immensely since the due to very popular demand. The owners created an amazing, characteristic event spot in the catacombs on Market Street. In the open-air area, there are street food trucks, bonfires and cosy seating to enjoy warming beverages on a frosty night and inside different rooms accommodate the bar, couches, table tennis, flipper machines, board games and much more for entertainment. They host a wide range of events for the diverse customer base, for instance Rugby weekends, concerts or free arcade game Fridays.