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last preparations

In only a couple of days it all starts, Vorfeude (the German word for happy anticipation) is huge now to embark on this new adventure. Since I have planed a few days to say my fare wells to this beautiful home and my friends I have my bags packed and ready and am basically good to go.

The week before I had a few last major things to sort out.


To make sure I m fine on a big trip like this I got myself some verified copies of my important documents such as my passport and driving license to keep in a separate hidden spot.

I had collected my tips in cash over the last months and was now to bring my travel budged into the bank. While I was there, I let them know that I would be going abroad so they would not block my card when receiving transactions from Mexico. I did some research if my card would be good to use and apparently maestro is the most represented institute and visa is widely accepted.

Finally, I had to pack up the last few things in my flat. A bunch of stuff, none of my friends could make use of when they came over for my moving-out-market, I brought to the charity shop and all that was left were my essentials to go on the journey. Other that the usual wardrobe and toiletries my backpack had room for an emergency phone, a mosquito tent, my sleeping bag and thin beach towel as well as my hammock for whenever I wouldn’t be in a hostel. My small daypack was also set and now I just had to enjoy some days celebrating the leave and I would be on my way.


In a few weeks my adventure starts, here is how a got (kind of prepared) for the six months I would travel Mexico.

I had booked the flight to Cancun for the beginning of September and am majorly exited at this point.

The Flight:

I will be leaving my home in Scotland but return to Germany after my travels to do some work there. For this and since I didn’t really have all the money yet and little plan where I would be flying back from, I had booked a one-way ticket. I was quite flexible with my times and when I found a good offer for a direct flight from Glasgow in April, I was happy to spend 5 more months in Edinburgh. I had been looking for flights from time to time for a few weeks using Skyscanner – here I love the easy search option for whole countries and months so many options for flexible travellers can be compared easily. I even let them send me emails if cheap prices for my routes would be available and I combed through the offers about once a week.

I addition I kept checking Travelpirate, an app with a variety of cheap holiday deals, special offers, and error fares. Here are often whole packages and more people deals to find. I finally got a direct ticket for around £190 from Glasgow to Cancun.

Documents & Visa:

With my German passport I am privileged to enter Mexico without a Visa. Upon arrival I will be getting permission to stay up to 180 days, this I am generally entitled to, If the officer will give me a shorter duration when entering I can get an extension from the local authorities. They might ask for a return ticket, but I am gonna risk it since some research showed that it is often not asked for.

To ensure I won't have any discussions when wanting to move by car I got myself an international driving license from the authorities in Germany. It costs a little, is only valid for a few years and requires a current picture but is quickly issued.

For all important documents I did not want to risk loosing them and having to go through a huge trouble getting the information for the embassy back. Therefore, I scanned them and put them in an online folder with secured access and gonna carry verified copies of some.


For many, the financial situation has a big influence onto travel plans. Generally speaking, central America does not need a huge budget. The flight can be the biggest item since cost of living can be quite cheap compared to Europe. In Cancun I found a Hostel for 4,30€ a night and meals will cost me around 5,- € each for travel, the local transports like busses are available to go anywhere and affordable.


Long term travel insurance can get very expensive, with big German agencies it would cost me several 100,-€. I did some research and ended up going with the ADAC-club, which I am a member off anyways for driving and short term travel insurance and got a deal for six month costing 155€ (on top of the 49€ /year membership) covering most of the places I would possibly visit.