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In the middle of Mexico, at around 2500 meters elevation lays the state Zacatecas with its capital city also called Zacatecas. Enrichened in old times by the nearby silver mines the city is a collection of ancient indigenous villages due to which the streets are dominantly narrow curvy paths and alleys.

The old mine is now a museum where visitors can appreciate Minerals and Fossils from all over Mexico and the whole world. Taking a tour through the mines you will get to know the ancient as well as modern ways of silver mining displayed by figures and props. At many places small veins of silver can still be seen within the rocky walls. An apparently unique experience, I missed due to the timing of my visit here, is the bar that is installed in one part of the mine and only opens on weekends.

On the other side of the old town, east of the big cathedral lays Carra la Bufa. A route for pilgrimages swings along the eastern hillside and on the top, reaching high over the city there are revolutionary statues, a mausoleum and a church. For whom the hour track to the top is too challenging can take a collectivo taxi to the top or ride the gondola from the base station near the mine.

Zacatecas is full of churches and chapels which all seem to have their individual timing for ringing their bells, this and the combination of the long cargo train crossing the city and the horns of cars warning each other while driving the narrow street creates a landscape of sound that can be heard on all surrounding mountains and throughout the city. 

The old town has been built up in colonial times in the present architecture and these days the small streets and little squares are lines by bars, cafes and merchants.

I was there in November and due to the elevation, the nights were freezing cold while the days were blessed by a warming sun. The two days there I spend my evenings on some of the many balconies overlooking the busy streets in the old town but I quickly got sick of the lack of like-minded travellers and tons of blankets for the night and moved to a more convenient destination.